Welcome to Depth of Field. We are a small company based in Kent who specialise in creative imagery. Established in the mid-1990's as freelance photographers, we now provide images on a variety of subjects to major publishers and image libraries. While we have specialism's we are always keen to work on creative projects in any field.



We specialise in providing action photography, primarily in the transport arena, to publishers and libraries for specific projects and stock. We have worked with major publishers including Key, Bauer, Ian Allan and Kelsey both for magazine and book projects. We frequently work with re-enactment groups and military vehicle owners to create authentic looking images of times gone by, including simulated battle re-enactments. 



We regularly undertake commercial imaging for local companies. We frequently undertake property interior shoots for Holiday Lettings, part of the Trip Advisor group of companies, and undertake product shoots of subjects from lighting umbrellas for plant propagation to handmade one-off tobacco smoking pipes. We are keen to turn our hand to imaging any product with our indoor studio facilities.



We always try to bring creativity to all aspects of our photography. Time of day, direction of the light, movement, colour - all these elements can be used to creative evocative and memorable images which will promote viewer interaction and recall. We like to think we can use these tools to produce images which both satisfy the brief, viewers and our photographic passion - be it landscapes, hardware, whatever!