Lakeland Impressions

A quick update on some developments up in Cumbria...

We have begun to contribute mounted prints to a gallery in Keswick called 'Brave the Skies'. It's a new venture for the owner Ged, and we wish him the best of luck with it. We are one of 5 contributors, and have provided a few prints to kick things off - including the one below, shot at sunset a couple of years ago, on the shores of Derwentwater.

We delivered the first batch of prints in February, and while we were in the area we took the opportunity to get out and about with gear in hand - when it wasn't too wet, of course!

We were fortunate to have one clear, cold and still night and we experienced a magical hour on the shores of Derwentwater... as the mist settled on the lake and the stars sparkled above. Experimenting with shutter speeds, we quite liked the 5 minute version, shown below. We hope you also like the view - it's always good to see photos from mad photographers which were shot while you were nicely wrapped up warm in bed!

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