‘Super Moon’ Lunar Eclipse

The recent opportunity to shoot a lunar eclipse (28/09/15) was a great chance to try something more than just catch the occasional star-trail shot. To create the image, we shot the moon over a 2 hour period using a tripod mounted DSLR and 500mm lens. We have a small reflector telescope and german equatorial mount, but for ease (as it was 3am!) we used a standard tripod for this shoot.

As the eclipse developed we imaged the moon at different exposures to capture both the dark and light sides within a minute or so of each other. To avoid motion blur we kept shutter speeds to around 0.5 seconds at maximum achievable aperture, and so varying ISO (from 200 for the full moon to 1000 or more for the eclipsed moon).

In post processing, these two images were combined to give a moon image showing both the sunlit bright part and remaining the shadowed 'blood moon'. Obviously this is a false view as to the naked eye when the moon was not near total eclipse it was difficult to see the shadow part. However it is a technique we had not seen done before and wanted to give it a try.

We were happy with the final montage of images taken roughly 20 minutes apart, again shown below, and it had gained popular support from the Flickr community, and has become our second explored image.

You can click on the image to go to Flickr to view it in high resolution.

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