Yeovilton Airday 2015

Back in July we took an early morning drive down to RNAS Yeovilton to catch the last display from Royal Navy SeaKings in the famous role demo that closes the Yeovilton show. As you may have seen in our blog, we in fact had a very successful drive down and passed Stonehenge just at the right time.

Sadly the weather for the show itself was not too good, but the content of the show and the finale was as good as always, if not better.

One of the highlights was the presence of the French Navy role demo, consisting of 2 Super Etendards and 2 Rafales. Other fast jet contributions came from the RAF with the Typhoon demo, and the FNHT Sea Vixen which is always a pleasure to watch gracing the skies.

Vulcan XH558 also put in an appearance on her final year of service. But helicopters tend to be the stars of the show here, and while it was sad to see the venerable Sea King being replaced by the Merlin this year, the Sea King went out spectacularly - as usual. 

As always, Yeovilton is a show to be recommended. In recent years it has suffered from no-shows - and even this year the non-appearance of the Mig 15 was a disappointment. But nevertheless the 2015 show was a triumph, and we look forward to visiting again in 2016.

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